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Vintage Bottles and Current Bottle Releases

Orders of $100-$199 will be discounted 10%.
Orders of $200 or greater will be discounted 20%.
Discounts will be automatically applied at checkout.
Prices listed are per bottle.

Shipping can be arranged. Please leave a memo when you place your order. We will send a separate email with charges and payment info. The shipping boxes are $12.00 and hold twelve-12 oz. bottles. Transit averages $25 per box based on destination. Shipping is possible for some formats greater than 12 oz. For inquiries: alan@hairofthedog.com

Order cutoff time for weekend pickup is Thursday at 2:00 pm.
Weekend pickup is Friday and Saturday from 11:30 am until 2:00 pm. Special pickup appointments can be arranged.

For questions please email alan@hairofthedog.com

Looking for a particular beer? Search below to see if it’s for sale.

  • OPIA 2021 12 oz. bottle
    $15.00 Buy Now
  • DOGGIE CLAWS 2021 12 oz. bottle
    $6.00 Buy Now
  • SAMPLER 12-PACK Sampler of 12-12 oz. bottles
    $99.00 Buy Now
  • ADAM 2020 Batch 101 12 oz. bottle
    $5.25 Buy Now
  • ADAM 2013 Batch 88 3 Ltr. 101.4 oz.
    $140.00 Buy Now
  • ADAM 2001 Batch 52 3 Ltr. 101.4 oz.
    $140.00 Buy Now
  • ADAM 1999 Batch 37 Magnum 50.7 oz.
    $70.00 Buy Now
  • ADAM OLD with label no batch number Magnum 50.7 oz.
    $70.00 Buy Now